Why It's Important to Buy Organic Products for Your Baby

Why It's Important to Buy Organic Products for Your Baby

Are you a new mom looking for organic products for your newborn? Or maybe you're making the switch to organic products after your baby has had an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

No matter the reason, parenting is all about making the right choices for your little one. This includes everything from your baby's bedding set to the clothes and fabrics you use. The more natural and organic the products, the better they are for your baby's skin and the environment.

Keep reading to learn why it's important to buy high-quality organic products for your baby and how they can make your mom time easier.

How Are Organic Products Different From Non-Organic Products?

Thinking of switching to organic products for your baby? Then you should know how they're different from non-organic products. The first and most important difference is the presence of chemicals and pesticides. Non-organic cotton is of lower quality and is often treated with tons of chemicals, bleach, and pesticides. This is before it even reaches the factories.

Then, during the production process, it's treated with even more chemicals that ultimately end up in contact with your baby's skin. This can lead to skin irritation, rashes, eczema, and even allergies.

On the other hand, organic cotton and products made from organic fibers such as baby bedding have a GOTS certificate. This guarantees the goods have been inspected and approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Organic cotton doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and the cotton plants have not been treated with pesticides. This means they're gentle with your baby's skin, keeping it safe and protected at all times. 

Organic Products Are Gentle With Baby's Sensitive Skin

A healthy baby is every mom's first and most important priority. Organic clothing and organic care products can help you make better choices for your baby's well being. This way, you can feel better about your decisions as a mom.

Baby's skin is sensitive and it hasn't yet developed a strong protection system. This is why it needs specialized care with gentle ingredients and as few chemicals as possible. For instance, you can choose organic clothes made of a breathable material like cotton. You can use organic baby bedding for its softness to make small changes that lead to great results.

If your baby starts to develop rashes or skin irritation, it's time to switch to organic products. Also, make sure to wash baby's clothes and bedding with organic detergent as well to eliminate all kinds of harsh chemicals.

Organic Products Are Not Treated With Harsh Chemicals

For a piece of clothing or a crib set to be labeled as organic, it needs to be made of organic cotton. This means it hasn't been treated with harsh chemicals at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Organic cotton farmers do not treat their crops with pesticides. Organic cotton factories don't treat the fibers with chemicals and only use non-toxic dyes. This is to make sure the final product is 100% organic, gentle for your baby, and doesn't contain any toxins or chemicals that might irritate the baby's skin.

Even though most irritants are invisible to the naked eye, they're everywhere around us. You'll find them in your cleaning products, scented candles, and the fabrics and furniture in your home. Most importantly, they're in the clothes you and your baby wear.

It's the first thing that comes in touch with your baby's skin after birth, affecting its ability to develop a proper protective layer. This is why organic cotton is the best choice you can make for your baby's skin and well being.

Organic Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Aside from being good for your baby, organic products are also good for the environment. Mass cotton production is one of the biggest pollutants in the world. This is because of the amount of water, dyes, and chemicals used to produce a single clothing item. These toxins then end up in landfills, rivers, and oceans, leading to pollution of our beautiful planet.

Organic cotton production is different and eco-friendly from the cotton fields to the end product. There are no pesticides, harmful chemicals, artificial fabric dyes, or contaminated water. Organic cotton products are easy to recycle once you're done using them and even if they end up at a landfill, they won't contribute to pollution.

Organic Products Are Soft and Comfortable

Mass-produced baby products are rarely 100% cotton - they contain synthetic fabrics that can cause skin irritation and allergies. For instance, when choosing a baby nest, go for organic cotton to make sure your baby feels comfortable at all times. High-quality organic products are soft to the touch and made specifically for baby's sensitive skin.

At LA-LA-ME, we care about your baby's safety, which is why all of our products are certified organic and crafted to ensure the ultimate comfort. We know that you, as a mom, only want what's best for your baby and we strive to produce the highest-quality products without sacrificing comfort and softness.

All LA-LA-ME products make for great baby shower gifts for expecting moms who want to start with organic products even before the baby is born.

Organic Products Are Of Better Quality and Longer-Lasting

Organic products and baby clothes are of better quality, which means they won't stretch or shrink in the wash and will keep their colors and prints. When your baby outgrows the clothes, you can gift them to friends or family with a newborn.

For example, our LA-LA-ME baby lounger is water-resistant and made of 100% certified organic hypoallergenic cotton. This is to ensure the baby's comfort, but also to help the parents clean the baby nest faster without fear of stains.

Our first priority is the baby's comfort, which is why we choose materials and fabrics that are not only chemicals-free but also soft and pleasant for the baby's skin.

Are Organic Products Better for Your Baby? Absolutely Yes!

Organic products are more than just a trend. They're the future of baby care and sustainability, especially when it comes to clothes, bedding, and even mom self-care.

In our baby shop, we carry exclusively organic products made of 100% GOTS certified cotton to make sure your baby's skin is protected and doesn't get in touch with any toxic chemicals.

Ready to discover the highest-quality organic baby products? Check out the LA-LA-ME shop and order your favorites today!

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