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Our baby boy did not want to sleep anywhere, only in our arms. My wife and I took turns during the day and night. It was exhausting, and we were willing to try anything. We saw a Lalame organic nest on facebook and decided to give it a try. Our baby loves to sleep in it, hang out when awake and we love to enjoy our hands-free time.
  • Anastasia Starchevskiy

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I love the quality and the pattern of the fabric. The size is perfect too. My baby outgrew snuggle me nest, when he was 2 months. Plus, the fabric of snuggle me nest made my newborn sweat a lot, unlike Lalame nest. Lalame is definitely a winner.
  • Anastasia Starchevskiy

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My one month old finally started sleeping longer when he was cuddled up in the sleeping nest. When he moved his head from side to side he felt cuddles and safe and he stayed asleep for a few more hours rather than waking up every hour or not falling asleep. He knows when he lays in it that it's time for bed too! Easy to clean and great for traveling. This was a life saver and worth the price!
  • Anastasia Starchevskiy

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This LaLaMe baby lounger is probably the best purchase we've made for our baby so far. My son loved it so much we even brought it on vacation with us. The lounger allowed for us to take naps with him close by without being scared to roll over him.
It worked so well for us that I'm getting one for my friend soon!
  • Anastasia Starchevskiy